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Can I pay for all my insurance policies at once?

Each policy would be separate. They would take out a different payment for each policy.

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Isn't it most cost effective to have cars and home with one company

Yes, typically it is cheaper to bundle your car and home insurance policies with one insurance company. Most companies will give you a multi-policy discount when you have more than one line of business with their company.

General Insurance

Can you insure a vehicle with multiple drivers on the same policy?

Most insurance companies allow up to four drivers on a single policy. Some companies may even allow a larger number of drivers than that, but four is fairly standard.

Condo Insurance

Is there a site where I can enter my information and it will show me different quotes from various companies?

Absolutely! That's exactly what we do at Feel free to check out our site and get quotes.

Coverage & Claims

If you've been involved in multiple hit-and-runs but never reported them, can you still file a claim?

Technically these are 3 separate incidents and would constitute 3 different claims. The driver that hit you most recently would be responsible for the damage that he caused, but you would be responsible for the damage from the other incidents since there is no one else to hold responsible.


What is the best way to find an insurance policy with a bad driving record?

There are 2 things I can recommend that should lead you to success: 1st - Quote with as many companies as possible. 2nd - Disclose everything on your driving record when quoting.

Driving History

Will my insurance company drop me if I just had my third accident?

Since each insurance company has their own underwriting requirements, they would be the only ones who could tell you if your policy will be non-renewed due to your accidents. As for eligibility with other companies, unfortunately the answer is also the same.
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