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Coverage & Claims

What to do if fault can't be determined in a car accident?

Fault can only be determined by the insurance company. So, in this situation, the only way for the damage to be repaired would be to contact both insurance companies and handle it through their claims department.

Coverage & Claims

Will my insurance company total my vehicle after damage

For New Jersey, a vehicle is determined to be a total loss if the cost of repairs plus the scrap value of the vehicle is greater or equal to the actual cash value of the vehicle. Because you know the value of the repairs, your next step would be to determine the value of your vehicle.

Coverage & Claims

I don't have enough money for damages I caused

If you cannot pay for the $600 out of pocket, your only other resource is calling your insurance company. This would be considered an at-fault accident and will most likely raise your rates.

Coverage & Claims

Does hitting a fixed object cause my premium to rise?

This type of claim would be considered a collision claim, which usually causes your premium to rise. In New Jersey, at-fault collision claims caused premiums to rise by an average of $1200.

General Insurance

What can I do about fixing incorrect information on my driving record?

It really depends on where the accidents are listed. Insurance companies look at 2 different reports to verify your driving history.

Car Insurance Costs

How do I help my father lower his rate if I'm on his policy and have accidents?

One thing to keep in mind is that accidents occurring more than 5 years in the past should have no impact on your current insurance rates, so you are definitely outside of that window. Concerning your speeding ticket, if you have not yet been to court then it most likely has not been added to your driving record, meaning you shouldn't be penalized for the violation if you purchase insurance coverage before your court date.

General Insurance

If I mostly use Lyft or Uber, do I still need car insurance?

Renting and borrowing a vehicle sound similar, but the way the insurance coverage works for both situations is different. Let's take a look:   Renting - If you have an auto policy that includes comprehensive and collision coverage, that policy will normally extend to cover a rental vehicle as well.


If I am storing my vehicle and canceling my insurance policy, will I have to turn my plates back into the state?

If your insurance policy will not include liability coverage, then it's likely that New Jersey will expect you to return the plates and registration. You may have the option to suspend your registration until you return, but you will need to contact your local MVC for specific details on your options.

General Insurance

Why do I have to keep insurance on my old car if I'm not using it?

It really has more to do with the fact that you still have the vehicle registered in your name. New Jersey monitors whether or not vehicles registered in the state are also insured.

General Insurance

Is it possible for a family member to register and insure my car if I'm no longer driving?

That shouldn't be an issue, however she would need to insure the vehicle before she attempts to get tags. I believe you will first have to return your tags to the state and then she can start the process.
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