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Coverage & Claims

How long can an insurance company wait to pay out my claim?

Most insurance companies define their claims timeline as "as fast as possible." If you're handling the claim directly through your agent and that's whats holding up the process, you might find better luck with contacting your insurance companies claims department directly. You are able to file a claim independently of your insurance agent through the claims department.


My address on my license doesn't match my insurance card

In the state of New York, you need to report your new address to your DMV after you change your residence. You can do that here.

Coverage & Claims

Can I file a claim if we agreed to not pursue a claim but the other driver changed their mind?

It isn't too late to file a claim, even if you and the other driver agreed not to, since your insurance policy is intended to cover you after an accident. If you are considered to be at-fault in the accident then your company should pay for the damage caused to the other driver.

Coverage & Claims

If my son intentionally punched his leased car when he was upset, can I file a claim?

Outside of a vandalism claim, auto insurance policies do not cover intentional damage caused to a vehicle. If you are actually the owner of the car then you may be able to claim that your son vandalized it, but the decision to provide coverage for the damage will ultimately be up to your insurance company and repairs already made to the vehicle may or may not be reimbursed.

General Insurance

How do I sell my car to an out-of-state buyer?

You will need to transfer the title of the vehicle to the new buyer. It is important that you fill in all of the appropriate areas required in the title certificate when selling the vehicle to another party.

Coverage & Claims
General Insurance

Do I contact the other driver's insurance company if they hit me while at the gas station?

If the other party hit your vehicle, and it's pretty clearly they're at fault, then you should contact their insurance for repairs. Parking lot accidents or accidents that occur on private property can be difficult to determine fault, but it sounds like the incident is pretty straight forward.

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Driving History

If a ticket on my record passes 3 years, is my company required to lower my rate?

Tickets should only be chargeable for 3 years from the issue date. However, some companies will not adjust your rate until your policy renews which is likely what your agent was referring to.

General Insurance

Can I keep my car registered in Rhode Island, but have my auto insurance written as a New York State policy?

The problem would be with the state of Rhode Island concerning your registration. If your vehicle is no longer insured in the state then you will be expected to turn in your registration tags and get new tags in the New York.

Coverage & Claims

How do I get insurance with a medical claim on my driving record?

It can be tough to find insurance coverage in New York state after you have been injured in an accident, even if it wasn't your fault. Your best bet is to compare rates with as many companies as possible to find a company willing to insure you.


Why does Allstate count hail damage against you?

Insurance companies are in business, primarily, to make money. When a customer files multiple claims within a certain time frame (usually 3 years), this begins to cost the insurance company more money than they are receiving from that customer.
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