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General Insurance

If you hit a pothole but claim a hit-and-run, is that considered fraud?

It's very likely that the claims adjuster examining the vehicle will be able to tell the difference between damage caused by another vehicle and damaged caused by a pothole. If she is being dishonest with her insurance company then it's likely that they could deny her claim altogether.

Coverage & Claims

If I'm involved in an accident driving my grandmother's car, will the damage be covered?

Luckily, most insurance policies allow for permissive use drivers, so the damage you caused should be covered under your grandmother's policy as long as you aren't a full-time driver. Unfortunately, your grandmother's insurance rate is likely to increase after the claim since it will be considered an At Fault accident.

Car Insurance Costs

Did rates in New York increase in 2016?

Our State of Insurance report shows that, overall, rates very slightly decreased in premium in 2016 for New York. That being said, each insurance company petitions the state for rate increases so it's possible that your specific company started charging higher rates, but that doesn't mean that rates across the board are higher.

General Insurance

Do I have to insure my car if it isn't being driven?

Given the fact that you actually drive the vehicle, even if it's just to move to a new parking spot, you will be required to maintain insurance coverage. If you no longer wanted to insure it, you would need to remove the vehicle from the street and cancel the registration.

General Insurance

Am I obligated to give my insurance info after an accident if no damage was caused?

It would probably be in your best interest to provide your insurance information to avoid any potential legal issues, but I would also let their insurance company know that they had existing damage on their vehicle. Luckily, you shouldn't have to pay anything out of pocket, but the fact that you made contact with their vehicle means you will be considered at fault.

Coverage & Claims

If my sister was involved in an accident while driving my car, should I file a claim?

I would definitely recommend letting her pay out of pocket so you can avoid the claim. If you do end up having to file a claim with your company the accident should be on her driving report since she was behind the wheel.

General Insurance

Is my teenager covered to drive my vehicle if he is not listed on my policy?

If your son is driving your vehicle on a regular basis then he absolutely needs to be covered as a driver. Avoiding a premium increase by not listing people who drive your vehicle regularly is fraudulent and could result in some extremely negative outcomes especially if that person is involved in an accident behind the wheel of your car; namely, a denied claim and a huge repair bill.

Coverage & Claims

Should I file a claim for a small scratch on my car?

The impact to your rate will depend on what caused the scratch on your vehicle. If you are filing a claim where your collision coverage would payout (i.e.


Why must I have a garage to qualify for classic car coverage?

Classic car insurance and a standard auto policy can differ significantly. Since most, if not all, classic auto policies cover your car based on a stated amount value rather than a depreciated value, there are more requirements to qualify for a policy.


Can I get car insurance if my spouse has a revoked license?

Most companies will not insure a driver with a revoked license, even if there is a driver on the policy whose license is valid. Your spouse must be listed on your policy since you are married, but she does not have to be covered as a driver.
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