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Does uninsured motorist coverage cover borrowed vehicles?

Sorry to hear about the accident. From my understanding of your situation, as long as you are a covered driver, his uninsured motorist coverage should apply to you.

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Coverage & Claims

If two people are in an accident in a no fault state, who pays?

In Florida, you are required to have what's called personal injury protection (PIP). This coverage kicks in if you are injured in an accident.

Coverage & Claims

What is acceptable proof of MVAIC?

You really need to contact MVAIC to ask what is considered acceptable proof. The police should be able to provide you with a police report.

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I got into an accident in a no-fault state but I live in a fault state

Just to clarify, no-fault only refers to bodily injury - not property damage. If you no one was hurt, as you said, that would not be a factor here. Anytime there is an accident, there is the potential to have legal action taken.

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Auto-pay was enabled without my consent

First things first, Michigan car insurance rates are notoriously high. This has to do with the fact Michigan is a no-fault state with unlimited Personal Injury Protection.

Coverage & Claims

Do I need no-fault coverage?

You can't really get no-fault unless you live in a state where it is required. Currently, 12 states have no-fault insurance laws: Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Utah.

Coverage & Claims
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My coverage was cancelled and I got into an accident

Although you do live in a no-fault state, this only applies to any bodily injury claims that could have occurred - not physical damage to any vehicles. Unfortunately, because you didn't have liability insurance at the time of the accident, you are out of options.

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I was rear-ended, will my insurance increase?

Because of the nature of Michigan's, each driver is responsible for damage to their vehicle so when you file a claim with your insurance company, your rate very well could increase. It will depend on their underwriting department.

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Am I responsible for damages to another vehicle in a no-fault state?

Although you're right and Michigan is a no-fault state, this refers only refers to bodily injury claims. Things like physical protection to your vehicle aren't covered under this definition.

Coverage & Claims

Am I better off by having my car fixed by insurance or pay out of pocket if the police said no one was at fault?

The fact that you've already notified your insurance provider about the incident means that your rate is likely going to be impacted if you're found to be at-fault regardless of whether you choose to pursue the claim or not. As soon as your company becomes aware that you were involved in an accident, that information is documented.

Coverage & Claims

If I claim my injuries after an accident, will that make my rates higher?

Since North Carolina does not fall into the No Fault state category, filing an injury claim is less likely to impact your future rates but that's not exactly guaranteed. You can always shop for a new policy down the road if you do see an increase, but since you weren't actually injured you could always discuss the details with your insurance company and they can advise you of your options.
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