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Why am I still being charged for a totaled vehicle?

It sounds like the totaled vehicle is the only vehicle on your car insurance policy, which means it would cancel the policy to remove it. I would call your insurance company and speak to a customer service representative or agent.
May 2, 2018 Austin, TX

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Can I purchase non-driver's car insurance?

Your best bet for finding car insurance without a license is by calling around. Some insurance companies will flat out reject you as a client because you do not have a license.
Mar 3, 2018 Duluth, Minnesota

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Where can I get non owner car insurance in Baton Rouge?

You should be able to get a non-owners policy through a local agent in the Baton Rouge area. This will allow you to test-drive vehicles if you plan on getting a car and will keep you legally insured when you drive other vehicles too.
Jan 28, 2017 Baton Rouge, LA

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Where can I get just an SR22 online?

I'm not familiar with any company that actually offers non owners quotes online because they can be a little tricky. Your best bet would be to contact a local agent in your area and they should be able to provide the type of policy you are needing.
Dec 28, 2016 McMinnville, OR

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Can I purchase car insurance for one week?

Most policies are written for 6-12 month terms so you could possibly purchase a policy and cancel when you no longer need it. A non-owners policy will not cover damage to the vehicle you are driving, however, so you might want to see if your employer can add you to their insurance policy for more protection.
Sep 1, 2016 Pacific Palisades, CA

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Can I buy car insurance without owning a car?

Yes — you can purchase auto insurance when you don't own a car. This is referred to as a non-owners policy.
Jun 23, 2016 Arlington, VA

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Why wasn't my neighbor covered on my insurance when he was driving my car and had an accident?

Auto insurance is all about risk and your company uses these known risks to determine the price of your policy. The higher the risk you pose, the higher your rate will be.
Apr 14, 2016 Austin, TX


Can I get car insurance without a car?

Yes! If you do not own a vehicle but regularly drive other vehicles and are not insured on anyone else's insurance policy then you can purchase a non-owners policy. This type of policy will afford you the basic state required coverage to keep you legal on the road as a driver and protect your assets in the event that you are involved in an accident where you are at fault.
Mar 28, 2016 Springfield, IL


Can I get an SR22 when I don't own a car?

In the event that your state has suspended your license and requires that you have an SR22 then you will need to purchase an auto insurance policy. For people who do not own a car but are required to carry an SR22 then the solution is a non-owners insurance policy.
Mar 3, 2016 Terre Haute, IN
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