What company will issue me an SR-22 with 2 PIP claims?

I'm unaware of a specific company that will insure you with 2 PIP claims, but if you can't find an insurer, you can look into the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association (FAJUA). They help people get insurance when they have no other options.

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Do I need to file a claim if the other driver's insurance is taking care of it?

Since she will be filing a claim, you do not need to file a claim. Her insurance company will be the one that pays for the damages.

Coverage & Claims

Do I need to inform my insurance or can I just call at-fault party's insurance?

Most insurance companies require you to inform them anytime there is an accident. Typically when someone backs into you, their insurance will pay for the damages. Here is what to expect when filing your claim.

Coverage & Claims

Why is my CDL license being penalized for an accident I was not involved in?

If the policy was in your name when the accident occurred, the accident will show up on your claims history as an at-fault accident. The reason this shows up is your responsible for claims that are paid out on behalf of your policy.

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Not at fault accident on commercial policy affect my personal policy?

Typically when you are hit from behind you are found not at fault in the accident. Since the accident will be listed under your companies insurance policy, it should not impact your record.

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Why did my premium increase if there was no claims payout?

There are many different reasons that your insurance rates can increase. Sometimes there is even more than one reason the rates go up.

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Will my premium go up if I file a claim where other guy was at fault.

When your insurance pays out on a claim, it can impact your rates for up to five years. Since he was at fault, they may not go up as much as they would if you were at fault. Here is more information on the insurance laws for Michigan.

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Do I have to be paid out of pocket for an insurance claim?

To answer your first question, it is not too late to file a claim. The statute of limitations for property damage claims in California is two years.

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Can I file a car insurance claim on someone else's policy?

Although you might not have to file a claim with your insurance company, you will probably have to report the accident to your insurance company. Most insurance companies outlined in their policies that all accidents need to be reported - regardless if a claim isn't filed.

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Do I have to repair damage less than $1000

First and foremost, the advice I give is 100% free. Next, you did not have to report the accident to the police but it is always a good idea.

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At-fault wants to pay for damage he caused out of pocket

This can be a tricky situation. Usually, someone will try to avoid insurance companies for two reasons; they either don't have any insurance or they want to avoid their rates going up.
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