How can I get a statement of no loss?

A statement of no loss is used when you are going to have a car insurance policy reinstated from being previously canceled. It's a form stating that you did not have an accident or any damage to the vehicle between the time the policy was canceled until the reinstatement date.
Jun 10, 2019 Oakland, CA

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Should I file a weather-related car claim?

Filing a claim like this, (collision, at-fault) will raise your rates. On average, in California, an at-fault accident can raise your rates 39%.
Jan 30, 2018 Oakland, California

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If the cost to repair a vehicle I hit is more than the car is worth, can I just pay for the value of the car?

If you aren't going to be filing a claim for the accident then the two of you will have to settle on a final dollar amount. Unfortunately, the other driver's insurance status does not impact fault in the accident so he could potentially file a claim with your insurance company if you can't come to a resolution.
Apr 8, 2017 Oakland, CA
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