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General Insurance

Hit by a drunk driver without insurance

I'm sorry to hear you were struck by a drunk and uninsured driver. Do you possibly have uninsured motorist coverage?

General Insurance

Can I drive an insured vehicle if I don't have insurance myself

Yes. Using the information you provided, it definitely sounds like you could be considered a covered driver.

Coverage & Claims

Should a file a claim if I hit a fixed object and damage us $1000 or less?

An at-fault accident in Ohio raised rates an average of 48% in 2017 according to our State of Insurance. Now, that increase will stay on your insurance record for 3 years - meaning, you will continue to be charged for 3 years.

Coverage & Claims

Should I file a claim for a minor accident which cause damage to another persons property?

There are a couple of things to look at here. Your deductible only applies to your collision and comprehensive coverage - which protects your vehicle.

Coverage & Claims

Does my comprehensive claim affect my car insurance?

This type of claim would actually be considered a collision claim. Although, to answer your original question, a comprehensive claim wouldn't have as much of an affect on your premium as a collision claim would.


How long can I stay on my mom's policy after she died?

I am sorry for your loss. In terms of handling the auto insurance, every company handles this transitioning period differently.

General Insurance

If I cancel my insurance mid-month, will I get my money back?

Most companies, including Progressive, usually bill you ahead of time. Meaning, if you pay your bill on the 1st for the 1st-31st and cancel on the 10th, you would get the remaining days of the months of premium back.

Renters Insurance

Will my renters insurance pay for me to live elsewhere?

Within your rental insurance is something called Loss of Use Clause, otherwise known as Additional Living Expenses, which might be what you're thinking of. However, this is designed to cover your additional living expenses after a covered loss.

Renters Insurance

I left my door unlocked and was robbed, can I file a claim?

I recommend checking the verbiage of your policy. Some policies have a requirement for forcible entry, while others do not.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance after my boyfriend moves in?

There's a couple of things you should consider with renters insurance. First, it not only covers your personal property but also your liability.
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