Can I drive off the lot with just an SR22 in California?

No, you need to have comprehensive and collision coverage to drive off the lot if you are financing the car. Comprehensive and collision coverage protects physical damage to the car.

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Should I drop collision coverage?

Generally speaking, if your vehicle is worth less than $4000 you might not need "full coverage". I recommend getting an estimate by using Kelley Bluebook as well as NADA to see the value of your vehicle.

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Does car insurance cost less for a financed or owned car?

To my knowledge, no car insurance companies use ownership of the insured vehicle as a rating factor. The only way your premium would be impacted by having car loan is if the bank or dealership requires you carry additional coverage you wouldn't carry yourself for a vehicle you own.

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Should I drop full coverage on my truck?

That's always a tough decision for a car owner, but really it is up to you. A general rule of thumb in the world of insurance is if the vehicle is worth less than $4,000, you probably don't need physical coverage (aka, "full coverage" which is comprehensive and collision coverage).

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Should I keep my full coverage on my 2005 Honda?

That's a tough question to answer without more information. I would recommend getting an estimate for the value of the vehicle through Kelley Bluebook and NADA.


Need low income car insurance in California

California is one of the few states that has government sponsored car insurance programs. You can apply for this program online through their DMV page or here. For more information on low-income car insurance or additional ways to save, see our guide.

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Should I drop my insurance coverage?

What I recommend doing if you're thinking it's time to drop coverage is determine the value of your vehicle by using Kelley Blue Book and NADA. A general rule of thumb in the insurance world, is if your vehicle is worth less than $4,000 you might not need collision and comprehensive coverage. What you need to consider if that if you drop this coverage is you won't have coverage in the event your car is damaged.
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