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What can I do if an insurance company is refusing to pay for my damage?

If you are having trouble getting the other driver's insurance company to pay out then I would definitely recommend contacting your insurance provider. If that doesn't lead anywhere then your only other option would be to contact an attorney.

Coverage & Claims

Can I still file a claim if I was involved in an accident but the police were not called?

Accidents that occur in a parking lot do not require a police report since the incident did not happen on a public roadway. This situation sounds fairly cut and dry since it happened in a parking lot and the other driver admitted fault.

Coverage & Claims

How much could my rate go up after a small fender bender?

Page 58 of our State of Car Insurance Report shows that an accident in California has an average impact of an additional $899 in premium per year. These numbers are averages and there are other factors at play, but that should provide a ballpark figure as to what you can expect.

General Insurance

If I'm involved in a wreck while test driving a car, will my insurance cover the damage?

When test driving a car from a private seller, the liability portion of your policy is what pays for damage you cause to someone else while driving so the fact that you don't have collision coverage won't keep the vehicle you hit from being repaired. As for the vehicle you were actually driving, you may have to file a claim with the car owner's insurance company since your policy does not include collision.
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