Coverage & Claims

Can you get in legal trouble if you hit a parking pole?

Whether or not you could get into hot water legally-speaking depends on a few factors: 1. Was there another party involved in the collision?

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Coverage & Claims

Will I be notified when a claim is made against my insurance?

Unless the other driver never files a claim, you'll likely be hearing from either your company or the other driver's insurance company in the next few days to get your statement about the accident. You can always be proactive and contact your insurance company first to let them know about the incident and provide any pictures from the scene; I recommend this route.

Driving History

Will my rate go up if I got a parking ticket in Georgia?

A parking ticket should not have any impact on your rate; whether or not you're in the state of Georgia. You will want to make sure to pay the fine, however, because unpaid parking tickets could possibly lead to a license suspension.
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