Coverage & Claims

I got in an accident the same day I reinstated my lapsed policy. Will it be covered?

It depends on how the policy was reinstated. If they reinstated with no lapse, then you are free to file a claim.

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Coverage & Claims

Can an insurance company refuse payment for an accident claim by their client if I'm unable to pay their full set amount?

The full amount of damages is to be settled at the time of loss. The insurer giving you a payment option versus taking you to court is already a courtesy they are offering you.


Can I cancel insurance on a financed vehicle if I have gap insurance?

In most cases, gap insurance is only applicable if the vehicle is totaled in an accident — not due to mechanical or motor issues due to wear-and-tear. So it would not apply in your situation.

General Insurance

How do I handle insurance, tags, and title if I'm going to buy a vehicle from a private party through payments?

For the seller's security, a contract for the payments should be drafted and both you and the seller should have a notarized copy. Once the agreement has been signed by both of you then the seller should cancel the insurance coverage and registration on the vehicle as well as transfer the title to your name.
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