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Coverage & Claims

Does an accident appear on an MVR without a police report?

Typically, if the police are not involved, the accident will not show up on your motor vehicle report (MVR). However, the accident may show up as an at-fault accident on the CLUE report which is the report that pulls and verifies prior insurance claims.

General Insurance

Can someone just file a claim against me without my side?

If you were in an accident, you need to report the incident to your insurance company as soon as possible. Most companies require you to notify them of any incident regardless if a claim is filed or not.

Coverage & Claims

Can I file a claim against the driver if I was in the car?

Since your daughter was at fault, your insurance will not pay for your injuries under your bodily injury liability coverage. That coverage will only cover the passengers of the other vehicle.

Coverage & Claims

Does spouse with revoked license need to be added to insurance policy?

Since you are married, he will need to be listed on the policy as an excluded driver, which shouldn't affect your rate much. The reason he needs to be excluded is that he has access to the vehicle.

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Can I puy a policy today and pay the down payment next week?

I do not know any insurance companies that will issue a policy without a down payment. From the perspective of an insurance company, a driver who does not put down a down payment is too much of a liability.

General Insurance

I got into an accident in a no-fault state but I live in a fault state

Just to clarify, no-fault only refers to bodily injury - not property damage. If you no one was hurt, as you said, that would not be a factor here. Anytime there is an accident, there is the potential to have legal action taken.

Coverage & Claims

Do I have to tell my insurance agent about a claim?

Sounds like you've taken all of the proper steps in filing a claim. Your agent is correct, the other insurance company will handle the claim since their customer is at fault.


Why does a $0 claim stay on my insurance record?

Since you reported the accident to the insurance company they have to report it on your driving history. The amount paid out will show $0.00 but it still has to be listed since it was reported.

Insurance Companies

I'm not licensed but need to insure a vehicle

All things considered, it would probably be best/cheaper for your husband to add you to his policy. You will get a multi vehicle discount</a?

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Can my insurance company discover out of state ticket

In short, it can depend but yes they can find out. If North Carolina's DMV reports the accident to Pennsylvania your insurance company can find out.
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