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Will the insurer research to see if my car is financed?

While it can vary by car insurance company and individual agents, some may probe when doing quotes to see the status of the vehicle to make sure you are getting the correct policy type and the correct coverage. If you have a loan or lease on the vehicle, you're more than likely required to carry gap and collision and comprehensive coverage.

Coverage & Claims
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Why am I still being charged for a totaled vehicle?

It sounds like the totaled vehicle is the only vehicle on your car insurance policy, which means it would cancel the policy to remove it. I would call your insurance company and speak to a customer service representative or agent.

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Car insurance if I only drive part of the year

You have a couple of options here. If you own the vehicle outright, meaning you don't have a loan on the vehicle or aren't leasing it, you can drop your coverage for the period you are not driving.

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What's the cheapest company for a 60 year old man with a DUI

Because car insurance companies and through extension your insurance premium are incredibly specific, it's impossible for me to give you the exact company that is the cheapest. However, through our analysis here, we see that Liberty Mutual tends to be the cheapest company for a DUI conviction, all other metrics consistent.

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My car was totaled after the superbowl celebrations

If you have "full coverage," which really can mean anything because it's not an insurance industry term, you might have coverage. Through your comprehensive coverage, you should be able to find coverage against riots and civil commotion.

Coverage & Claims

Can the bank force me to get coverage on my vehicle?

If you have a loan from that particular bank and in the loan contract it states you must have auto insurance, they can force coverage on you. Because they have an invested interest in the vehicle through the loan, they will require it to be insured.

General Insurance

Insurance under my name for car owned by parent

What I recommend doing for this situation, because it might be complicated for an insurance company, is have your mother buy, register, and insure the vehicle in California. She then needs to add you as a driver on the insurance policy so you can use the vehicle regularly.

Coverage & Claims

My 17yo son lost his license, what do I do with the insurance?

The decision will ultimately be determined by the policy rules of your insurance company. Because he won't be driving for 6 months but is of driving age, your best bet would be to see if you could "exclude" him from your policy for the duration of his suspension.

Coverage & Claims

My uninsured van was totaled by a driver with coverage

Your insurance status doesn't impact your ability to have your vehicle repaired or be reimbursed. In this case, your neighbor having "full coverage" wouldn't matter because that typically covers damages to their vehicle (through comprehensive and collision) rather than their liability which would help you, in this scenario.


Will Erie reinstate my policy after non-payment?

It's very likely they will reinstate your policy if you pay the amount past due and any potential fees associated with the cancellation. Because each company has their own administrative rules regarding reinstatement, it's very likely for you to be able to get your policy active again.
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