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General Insurance

Is it fraud for someone to be legally married but get car insurance in their maiden name?

There is no fraud issue with using a maiden name on your policy if you prefer unless the purpose for using the maiden name was to hide the fact that you are married. Your insurance company will require that your spouse be listed on your policy and excluded if you don't want him covered to drive.

Coverage & Claims

What is the difference between stacked and non-stacked uninsured motorist?

The Non-stacked option in Pennsylvania just means that your coverage against uninsured motorist applies up to the limits listed on your policy. The Stacked option means that your uninsured motorist coverage is multiplied by the total number of vehicles listed on your policy.

Coverage & Claims

What is the difference between a full tort option and no tort option?

The difference between Full and Limited Tort options in Pennsylvania is that Full Tort allows you the right to sue another driver for pain and suffering for any injury, no matter the severity. The Limited Tort option means that you waive your right to sue another driver for pain and suffering except for extreme injury, like loss of a limb, permanent disfigurement or disablement, or death.


Which insurance companies will insure you with a DUI?

I would venture to say that most companies will insure drivers with DUIs, but unfortunately your eligibility will vary based on multiple factors like driving history and credit. Your best bet is to shop around with as many companies as possible to find the carrier that will insure you at the best rate.

General Insurance

Do I have to keep insurance on my car in Pennsylvania while it is in storage?

If the vehicle isn't being driven then technically you do not have to insure it. The state of Pennsylvania may suspend the registration of the vehicle when they realize that it is no longer insured so you should probably contact your local registration office to cancel your tag.

Coverage & Claims

Why does my dealership require my lienholder/bank be listed on my insurance to take my car home?

<span data-sheets-value="{&quot;1&quot;:2,&quot;2&quot;:&quot;When you finance a vehicle it is owned by the bank or lender until you have paid the full balance of the loan. The bank or lender requires that they be listed on your insurance coverage before you take possession of the vehicle so if the vehicle happens to be totaled as soon as you drive off the lot and at any point in time during your loan period your insurance provider knows to pay them first to cover your balance.
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