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I receive SSI and SNAP benefits as well as income from work and just got my driver's permit. Does my state offer low-income insurance?

Unfortunately, Oregon is not one of the few states that offer special insurance programs for low-income individuals and families. The average annual premium in Oregon was $1,463 — a tad lower than the national average of $1,548. Your best bet for finding affordable insurance is to shop around as much as possible.

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Car Insurance Costs

Can we process a claim with insurance if we did not call the police?

Since the other driver is at fault in the accident, you will want to file a claim with his insurance company. They would be the ones that will pay for your damages.

Car Insurance Costs
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Should I file a claim if I only have a learners permit?

I'm sorry I'm not an insurance adjuster. I can not tell you how much it will cost to repair the damage.

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I'm not licensed but need to insure a vehicle

All things considered, it would probably be best/cheaper for your husband to add you to his policy. You will get a multi vehicle discount</a?

Car Insurance Costs

Will my insurance company cover someone not on my policy?

Unfortunately, this is not a straight-forward answer. While there are a lot of factors that determine whether or not your insurance company will pay for the damages, the number one thing to consider is if your policy has permissive use.
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