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Am I at fault if I swerve to avoid my neighbor's cat but hit his car?

In this instance, you will likely be held liable for the accident. Although you want to use your best judgment when it comes to avoiding an animal, in most cases, if an accident/collision occurs by you trying to avoid hitting an animal, you are responsible for the damages.

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Coverage & Claims

Does car insurance cover vet bills for injured dogs?

Sorry to hear about your accident. There are some insurance companies that offer pet coverage for this exact situation, but if not, the injuries to your pets should be covered by the property damage liability of the at-fault party's insurance.

Coverage & Claims

Do I need to add my dog to my car insurance?

Luckily, your dog wouldn't need to be listed on your policy to receive injury coverage resulting from a crash if your policy provides for it. However, pet injury coverage is not offered by every company, in every state, or for every animal so you would need to check the specifics of your policy or call your insurance company.
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