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Who pays if I'm uninsured and a stolen vehicle hit my parked car?

Sorry to hear about your accident. If you're uninsured, your only recourse is to sue the individual who stole the vehicle.

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Can police determine fault after an accident?

The insurance companies determine fault when it filing a claim. Here is more information on what steps to take when filing a claim. You will need to contact your insurance company and the other parties insurance company as soon as possible to get the claims process started.

Coverage & Claims

Can an employer file an claim on your personal insurance if you were driving a company vehicle?

It doesn't sound like they filed a claim on your personal policy because your husband's employer would have made the claim on their policy. Your insurance would only pay out if the damages/injuries exceeded the limits of the companies policy.

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Can the police make me file an insurance claim?

There's a couple of things to consider. If you were rear-ended, it stands to reason you were not at-fault.

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How long can you wait to file an auto insurance claim?

Each state has varying statutes on how long you have after damage occurs to file a claim. In Maryland, you actually have up to 3 years to file a property damage claim, although I would not recommend waiting that long as it can be difficult for your insurance company to properly assess the damage.

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Why did my insurance company pay another driver for half of his damage after an accident when the police said we were both at fault?

It is quite common for drivers to share fault in an accident. The amount your insurance is paying to the other driver is based on your percentage of fault in the accident.

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Am I better off by having my car fixed by insurance or pay out of pocket if the police said no one was at fault?

The fact that you've already notified your insurance provider about the incident means that your rate is likely going to be impacted if you're found to be at-fault regardless of whether you choose to pursue the claim or not. As soon as your company becomes aware that you were involved in an accident, that information is documented.

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Will my rate go up if a police officer writes an accident report but I never file a claim?

Any time a police report is written after an accident, it gets listed on your motor vehicle report (MVR); impacting your rates with other insurance companies for at least 3 years from the date of the accident. Your current insurance company is unlikely to re-run your driving record since you're already a customer, but if you ever decide to leave for a new provider then the accident is likely to negatively impact your rate.

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Can I still file a claim if I was involved in an accident but the police were not called?

Accidents that occur in a parking lot do not require a police report since the incident did not happen on a public roadway. This situation sounds fairly cut and dry since it happened in a parking lot and the other driver admitted fault.
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