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If I'm uninsured and the person at-fault for the accident is insured, how do I get my car fixed?

Nothing would change in the way the claim should be handled, as far as damages are concerned. Any trouble he is in for not having insurance would be a separate issue.

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Coverage & Claims

Should I file a claim if my car was side-swiped?

Sorry to hear about your situation. There are several factors to consider before filing a claim.

Coverage & Claims

If two people are in an accident in a no fault state, who pays?

In Florida, you are required to have what's called personal injury protection (PIP). This coverage kicks in if you are injured in an accident.

Coverage & Claims

Who pays for hit and run damage if there's no UMPD coverage in NY?

Uninsured Motorist Property damage is not a coverage that is offered. If the policy has collision coverage you can use that coverage to have the damages repaired.

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Homeowners Insurance

Can I use my car insurance to damage to garage door?

Your car insurance would not cover the damage to the garage, only the damage to your vehicle if you have collision coverage. As for your second coverage, I would recommend paying for the damage out of pocket. Making a claim on your homeowner's insurance will increase your rates, most likely more than what it cost to make the repairs.

Coverage & Claims

Can I still tell my car insurance company about an accident

In Florida, the statute of limitations for filing a claim is 4 years. I'm not sure what you mean by "They’re charging me 700 this month because I never originally sent them pictures of my car." I think I am missing some information.

Coverage & Claims

Filing a claim for damage caused by failed power steering?

You will most likely need to speak with your insurance company and get your car examined to see if the failed power steering caused the accident. Ultimately, you will be filing a claim with your auto insurance for the damage to the car and then with your renters/homeowners insurance for the damage to the garage's framework.

Coverage & Claims

My uninsured 15-year-old daughter got into an accident.

Given her young age, filing a claim will likely result in a huge increase in your premium because your insurer will probably require that she be added as a driver to your policy with an at-fault accident on her record. If you can afford to pay for the damage out of pocket, I would recommend doing that.

Coverage & Claims

Does Progressive cover property damage?

Assuming that your policy was active at the time of the incident then it sounds like a fairly simple liability claim. Liability is standard coverage on most policies and is meant to cover injury that you cause to other people or property damage that you may cause in a crash.
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