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Driving History

If a ticket on my record passes 3 years, is my company required to lower my rate?

Tickets should only be chargeable for 3 years from the issue date. However, some companies will not adjust your rate until your policy renews which is likely what your agent was referring to.

Car Insurance Costs
Coverage & Claims

Will my rate go up if a police officer writes an accident report but I never file a claim?

Any time a police report is written after an accident, it gets listed on your motor vehicle report (MVR); impacting your rates with other insurance companies for at least 3 years from the date of the accident. Your current insurance company is unlikely to re-run your driving record since you're already a customer, but if you ever decide to leave for a new provider then the accident is likely to negatively impact your rate.

Car Insurance Costs

Do car insurance companies price match?

Insurance companies use a complicated math equation, called an algorithm, to determine how they price their coverage. This means that each company prices their coverage differently since they don't share this information so rates will differ depending on your personal information.

General Insurance

How do I estimate my insurance rate if I don't want to provide personal info for a quote?

We have published a State of Insurance report that shows average rates for various scenarios. You can use that guide as a general rule of thumb, but ultimately the rates available to you will be specific to your information.

Car Insurance Costs

Is there any way to get car insurance for $200 per year in North Carolina?

Due to the way car insurance is priced, there's no guarantee of a specific rate. The best way to save money on car insurance, in my opinion, is to shop around with as many companies as possible to ensure you're getting the best rate.

Coverage & Claims

If I hit an object in the road, can I claim this under my comprehensive coverage?

Insurance companies consider hitting an object in the road to be an accident. Unfortunately, that means you will need to use your collision coverage, the incident will be considered your fault, and you'll likely see an increase in premium.

Coverage & Claims

How much could my rate go up after a small fender bender?

Page 58 of our State of Car Insurance Report shows that an accident in California has an average impact of an additional $899 in premium per year. These numbers are averages and there are other factors at play, but that should provide a ballpark figure as to what you can expect.

Driving History

Will my rate go up if I got a parking ticket in Georgia?

A parking ticket should not have any impact on your rate; whether or not you're in the state of Georgia. You will want to make sure to pay the fine, however, because unpaid parking tickets could possibly lead to a license suspension.

Driving History

If I have six accidents on my record, how can I lower my rate?

Unfortunately, you might have to wait until those incidents pass three year before you can get an affordable policy. 6 accidents will definitely cause your rate to be extremely high so waiting may be your only option at this point.

General Insurance

If my license was previously suspended but has been reinstated, will this affect my insurance?

Your rate may be impacted by the prior suspension if it was within 3 years of the start date of a new policy, but each company is different so there is also a good chance that it won't have any impact. If you speak with an agent in person or over the phone you may want to mention the suspension but also note that it is currently valid to avoid any confusion since the driving report is run at the time that you purchase your policy and not when you get a quote.
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