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Coverage & Claims

Will my car insurance rate go up for a not at fault accident?

I can't speak directly to commercial insurance policies, but for personal auto policies, even not-at-fault accidents can have a negative impact on your rates in New York. You should ask your insurance provider how that might impact your rate since it is a commercial policy.

Car Insurance Costs

Does the color of your car affect your insurance cost?

While there are many factors about your car that can affect the rate you pay for insurance, the color isn't one of them. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on your car tells the insurance company a lot about your vehicle, including the color, the country where it was built, and the plant where the vehicle was assembled.


Does a criminal record affect your insurance?

A non-driving felony conviction most likely won't affect your rate, but it could make you ineligible for a policy with certain companies. Since you are already aware of the incident, you will want to disclose this when you call a company for a quote so they can let you know up front if that will create an issue.

General Insurance

Does having a child impact my car insurance rate?

Luckily, passengers don't affect your insurance rates, so a new addition to the family won't cause you to pay more. That being said, with additional passengers, especially young children, you might want to consider revisiting the coverage on your insurance policy.

Car Insurance Costs
General Insurance

Will auto insurance companies ever give you a lower rate if you threaten to leave and go with another carrier?

You can haggle a lot of different services, but insurance just isn't one of them. It is possible to notify your current insurance provider that you are shopping for a lower rate and they may offer a review of your policy to see if you qualify for any additional discounts or completely re-write your policy to take advantage of your most recent favorable rating factors, but there is no guarantee that this will result in a decrease to your rate.
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