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Can my insured relative drive my new, uninsured car off the lot?

Even if your relative is insured, they cannot drive the car home without insurance. Their coverage does not extend to your new vehicle unless they choose to add it to their policy.

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Can I insure a car financed by a relative if we live in the same household?

Yes, you can insure a car that you do not own. You will need to list the owner of the car as a driver since they will have access to the vehicle.

Coverage & Claims

Can I file an uninsured motorist claim if I know the driver?

There are a few things to consider here. First, most companies require you to report any accident, no matter who is at fault or if you file a claim or not. Second, does your relative have insurance?

Coverage & Claims
General Insurance

If I hit my own car with a vehicle I was borrowing, should I pay for the damage out of pocket?

Normally when you borrow a car and have an accident, the insurance on the car you were driving is what pays for damage that you cause. What makes the situation more complicated is that you own the vehicle that was hit.


Can I insure a car that is being financed by someone else?

You should be able to insure the vehicle under your own policy without much, if any, issue from the insurance company. Or you can be added as a driver to your relative's insurance policy if you live in the same household.
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