Coverage & Claims

If I damaged my car 6 months ago, is it too late to report it to my insurance company?

Your delay in reporting the damage should not keep your company from fixing your vehicle. Technically in California, you have 2 years to file a claim for damage to your property.

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General Insurance

If an accident does not show up on my MVR, will my insurance company still charge me for the accident?

It may still be listed on your CLUE report if the accident was reported to insurance, but there is a chance that the accident may not yet be listed on your report. It's also possible that there could have been a clerical error and it never got listed.

Coverage & Claims

Is it possible to remove a claim from your record if there was no payout?

Unfortunately it's fairly black and white. If the accident occurred then it would get put onto your report and there really isn't any way to remove it other than waiting for it to fall off of your record.
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