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Do I need to purchase separate liability coverage for my motor home if I have the state required liability insurance on my auto policy?

Thanks for your question! Yes, you would need a new individual plan to cover a motor home. The good news is RV liability tends to be very inexpensive.

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RV Insurance

Where can I get short term insurance for an RV?

Whether you're insuring your car or RV, temporary insurance is not really an option — most policies are for 6-12 months. You can typically cancel at any time but be aware of any fees for canceling early.

RV Insurance

Is there a grace period for RV insurance?

Typically, there is a grace period to add on another recreational vehicle, just like car insurance. For car insurance, you have up to 14 days to add a new vehicle to your policy.

RV Insurance

My camper is permanently set at a seasonal campground. What type of insurance do I need?

You would need just need regular RV/trailer insurance. We can quote you with several carriers at The Zebra by calling 888-807-3823.

RV Insurance

Does RV insurance count as prior car insurance coverage?

RV insurance doesn't count for continuous auto insurance coverage. On an auto insurance application, you are not currently insured unless you currently have an auto insurance policy.

RV Insurance

Car and or RV insurance in US for foreign driver

We can help you in finding insurance! We would just need an address that you would use as the garaging address for the vehicle. If you use New Mexico or California we are licensed to operate in both states.

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RV Insurance

Non US resident trying to insure my truck camper without a permanent address

Nearly all insurance companies require an address for insurance purposes. If you have a friend's address where your mail will be forwarded, this could work.

RV Insurance

I am uninsured and got into an accident with an insured car

If the RV was insured at the time, you could file a claim through that insurance. While it varies by every RV insurance policy, it should cover permissive users such as yourself.

RV Insurance

Getting insurance for my RV with a foreign license

For any policy, car or RV, you will need a permanent address. However, I wouldn't recommend using an address in Michigan. Because of Michigan's DMV laws, they are the most expensive state in the nation to get auto insurance from.

RV Insurance

What's the difference between a mobile and manufactured home?

Insurance is designed to respond to risk, and the difference between these homes present different kinds of risk. Here's a handy breakdown of how insurance companies view mobile and manufactured homes.

RV Insurance

Am I liable for any damage caused by an RV after I sell it?

The only way that you could be held liable for the damage would be if you were still the titled owner of the RV. Once the title is transferred to the buyer then you are no longer responsible for anything that happens with it. Even if you had not yet canceled the RV insurance coverage, the transfer of ownership means that insurance policy would not provide any coverage if it is wrecked. The liability now stands with the new owner of that RV and not with you.
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