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Our son-in-law is a USAA member (Navy). Can we join also?

Parents are not eligible for USAA. I believe USAA eligibility flows "downstream" — so descendants, i.e.

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Can I get USAA insurance from son in law

Although I am not a licensed agent for USAA, it is my understanding that you need to be a child or spouse of an established members to get a policy. Meaning, you wouldn't be eligible to get your own policy away from your son-in-law.

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Does my son-in-law's status as a Marine qualify me as USAA member?

USAA membership extends to spouses, children, and possibly parents. Assuming your child (who is married to your son-in-law) is on the membership as well, you may be able to qualify.

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Does my son-in-law need to add his wife to his policy now that they are married?

If your son-in-law does not live in the same household as the policy holder (Grandfather) then he needs his own policy. His spouse will need to be listed as well, but since she's not licensed and won't be driving, she won't impact the rate if she is excluded from the policy.
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