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Can I get car insurance with only a permit?

Yes, you can get insurance with a permit. You typically have 60 days to get your license, but every company is different.
May 11, 2019 Columbia, SC

Eligibility General Insurance

How do I obtain insurance in the name of the estate?

You can have the driver of the car insure the vehicle in their name since you are planning on selling it. If you were not selling it, the insurance would need to be in the name of the registered owner.
Apr 15, 2019 Hilton Head Island, SC


Can I insure my son's business vehicle?

There are a few things to think about. Let's break it down.
Jan 22, 2019 Pawleys Island, SC


Do I need a consent form to remove husband from car insurance policy?

There isn't a consent form. What I would recommend is contacting the insurance company and advising them of the situation to see what they can do to remove you from the policy.
Jan 8, 2019 Lancaster, SC

Coverage & Claims

Someone hit my car and left a note with their insurance information what do I do next?

That's great that they were honest and left a note. The next step would be to contact their insurance company and file a claim.  Check out our great page on what to expect when filing your claim.
Dec 9, 2018 Camden, SC

Coverage & Claims

Can my mom add me and my car to her policy?

This can depend. Do you live with your mom full time?
Oct 25, 2018 Newberry, SC

Coverage & Claims

Metal flew off the gas station roof and busted my windshield. Who pays for this?

This is a question for an insurance adjuster. They will be able to determine if the gas station was negligent.
Oct 18, 2018 North Augusta, SC

General Insurance

Can I take insurance off a vehicle that is financed?

In most cases, if you owe money on a car you have to have insurance on it. This is the case even if the car is parked.
Sep 26, 2018 Summerville, SC

Coverage & Claims

Someone borrowed my car and wrecked it

Although it was not you driving the vehicle, it will still be on your insurance policy and thus affect your rates. For South Carolina, an at-fault accident raised rates an average of $594 per year.
Aug 7, 2018 Bluffton, SC

General Insurance

Can I suspend insurance on a vehicle I am financing?

The short answer is no for two big reasons. One; that's not how insurance works.
Aug 4, 2018 North Charleston, SC
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