Driving History

If you get a speeding ticket in Tennessee going 67 in a 45 and you opt to pay the ticket, will it show up in North Carolina?

Every state shares all info when it comes to driving records. The speeding ticket will show up on your license when insurance companies run your MVR — which is used as a reference in all 50 states.

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Driving History

My insurer says I have past speeding tickets, but I've never had one. How do I address false and inaccurate citations on my record?

I think it's worth trying to resolve it because a better driving record can help your rate quite a bit. If multiple insurance companies are showing that you have these tickets, then I would call the state and see what they have on your license — this could simply be an error.

Car Insurance Costs

My fiancé is legally blind and has to drive with bioptic glasses. His car insurance rates have always been ridiculous. Any suggestions please?

Insurance rates are based on the risk of someone getting into an accident. Since your fiance is legally blind and has a speeding ticket, his rates are going to be higher because of the elevated risk that he would get into an accident.

Car Insurance Costs

Can I insure my son's car for him since he has a bad driving record?

You can put the policy in your name, but there are a few stipulations. First, your son's vehicle would have to be kept at your home.

Coverage & Claims

Who is considered at fault in a parking lot crash?

Since it was a parking lot incident, fault can be difficult to determine. If you two aren't able to come to an agreement on the repairs, your best bet would be to just contact your insurance company and let them know about the what happened.

Driving History

Can a ticket older than 3 years still hurt your rate?

Once the ticket passes 3 years, then your insurance company should no longer be charging you for the incident. If that specific ticket is why you're being charged a higher rate, then I would recommend shopping around for a company that will accurately price your coverage.

Driving History

How will my insurance be affected by multiple tickets and an accident?

The simple answer is that you can expect to see an increase to your rate. Every ticket or accident you have within a three year period is likely to cause higher rates; the more you have, the higher the rate you can expect to pay.
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