Can I get an SR22 and non-owners with an IID?

An IID, or ignition interlock device, is usually only required if you own a vehicle. I would contact a lawyer because I (an insurance agent) cannot answer this for you.

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Driving History

What happens if I stop paying for my SR22?

If you stop paying for the SR-22, the insurance is required to notify the state that the policy is canceled. Typically, the state will suspend your license and you may have additional fines as well.


Can I drive off the lot with just an SR22 in California?

No, you need to have comprehensive and collision coverage to drive off the lot if you are financing the car. Comprehensive and collision coverage protects physical damage to the car.

Coverage & Claims

Need an SR22 for a state I don't reside in

You can get insurance with an SR-22 for a different state since that is required to get your license reinstated. We can quote you with several different companies that will be able to help you at The Zebra.

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Daughter needs SR22 but doesn't have a car

She needs a non-owners policy. Basically, this policy allows your daughter to show proof of insurance without owning a vehicle.

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Will I get my license taken away for driving without insurance in ga?

Driving without insurance in any state is a pretty serious offense but the consequences can vary. You could face up to $185 in fines and a year in jail (unlikely for your case).


Am I able to get an SR-22 with a leased vehicle

There should be no interference in getting an SR22 and having a lease. We have many programs in house that can get this done for you.

General Insurance

Am I required to report my DUI?

Your insurance company will most likely pull your Motor Vehicle Report at your next renewal and most likely see your DUI. Moreover, if your license was suspended, it's likely your DMV will report to your insurance company.

General Insurance

If I cancel a policy less than 24 hours after starting it, will I get a refund?

The state of Florida requires that insurance companies refund at least 90% of the unearned premium paid by a customer if they receive a request to cancel. There are instances where a company may include the policies fees within the first month so your refund can vary depending on which company you're with.

General Insurance

What do I do if I don't have a car but am required to have an SR22 and an ignition interlock?

You should be able to purchase a non-owners insurance policy and have an SR22 attached to that policy to meet the state requirement. It would be impossible to install an interlock device if you don't have a vehicle so I would recommend contacting your probation officer or attorney to discuss your options.

Car Insurance Costs

How do I get cheaper rates in Oregon if I have to file an SR22?

Outside of shopping with as many companies as possible to find the lowest rate, I'd recommend driving much more cautiously. Only time is going to make your rate any better since you have so many incidents on your driving record.
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