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If I hit a tire in the road, is that considered a comprehensive claim?

This accident would actually be paid out under your collision coverage because you collided with the tire. Because you only damaged your own vehicle in this single-vehicle collision, it would also be considered an at-fault collision claim.

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Can my insurance company discover out of state ticket

In short, it can depend but yes they can find out. If North Carolina's DMV reports the accident to Pennsylvania your insurance company can find out.

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Should I drop my 25yo son from insurance?

To answer your first question, will removing your son from the policy help decrease your premium, it depends. Some companies are going to charge you because the claim was made on your policy so your rates can still be impacted at renewal, even if you take your son off the policy.

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The person I hit wants me to pay out of pocket for damage

There's a couple of things to think about here. Let's break it down below:   First, most insurance companies require you to report all accidents, even when a claim is not filed.

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Does progressive auto insurance cover house property damage?

Yes, liability will cover damages caused to another car and or property (like a house or fence). Keep in mind, your insurance will only cover up to the limit of your property damage liability.

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How do I update my car insurance after getting a new license?

Congrats on the move! Because car is priced at the zip code level and regulated at the state, you're going to want to update your car insurance to reflect that. Bear in mind, your premium will change as a result of your move.

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Someone on my policy hit my vehicle

This can be a tricky scenario. If your daughter was not on your policy, you would not have to worry about a rate increase because you were the not-at-fault individual.

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My car was hit in the process of being repaired

This can be a tricky situation. Since there was damage caused by 2 different events, you will need to report both to the insurance company if that's how you want to get them repaired.

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Do all car insurance premiums increase every year?

Unfortunately, car insurance is reflective of both you and the surrounding environment. Meaning, the increase value of vehicles, rise in claims and cost of claims, and medical costs can all make insurance premiums increase.

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Car insurance for an 18yo in Colorado

There are too many unique rating factors that determine your car insurance rate for me to give you an exact answer. Based on your location, the average rate of car insurance in Colorado in 2017 was $1,435.

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Should a file a claim if I hit a fixed object and damage us $1000 or less?

An at-fault accident in Ohio raised rates an average of 48% in 2017 according to our State of Insurance. Now, that increase will stay on your insurance record for 3 years - meaning, you will continue to be charged for 3 years.
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