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How can I put my policy on hold when my car is out of commission?

We are sorry to hear that your vehicle is currently out of commission. You will need to contact your insurance company and see if putting your auto insurance policy on hold is something they can do.
Apr 18, 2022 Jacksonville, FL

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How do I insure a vehicle I have in another state?

Since insurance regulations vary by state, there are not a lot of options if you have vehicles in separate states. You would need to have two plans, one for each state.
Dec 3, 2020 St. Petersburg, FL


Can I get storage insurance if my auto insurance is being canceled?

Most financing companies will require you to have comprehensive and collision coverage which means you would not be able to get storage insurance. Check with your finance company to see what options you have.
Aug 18, 2019 Detroit, MI


Does a vehicle need car insurance if its in storage in New Jersey?

Every car that is registered needs to have insurance in New Jersey. Since you are not driving you can keep the state minimum liability on the vehicle.
Oct 21, 2018 Austin, TX

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Why do I need car insurance if my vehicle is in the garage?

Your agent is correct. Since the car is still registered, you legally have to maintain the minimum liability requirements for the state of Rhode Island.
Oct 10, 2018 Cranston, RI

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Parked car insurance so I can get tags for my vehicle

There's a couple of things to think about here. First, there isn't really anything for parked car insurance.
Oct 5, 2018 Mesa, AZ


Can I get insurance for a vehicle I am fixing up?

Most companies do not have storage insurance but you can get the minimum liability coverage. If you are not driving the car, you can turn in the license plates and the registration.
Oct 2, 2018 Tucson, AZ

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Can I take insurance off a vehicle that is financed?

In most cases, if you owe money on a car you have to have insurance on it. This is the case even if the car is parked.
Sep 25, 2018 Summerville, SC

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What to do with my car insurance if I only use my caregivers?

I understand your concern. Unfortunately, as long as your car is registered, you need to maintain insurance on it.
Sep 6, 2018 Corryton, TN


Moving abroad for a while, but don't want to loose the plates in NY. What should I do?

Unfortunately, as long as the car is registered and still has plates, you have to maintain insurance on the car. There really is no way around it.
Sep 3, 2018 Brooklyn, NY

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Can I suspended my insurance for 6 months while out of the country?

Unfortunately, as long as the car is registered and still has plates, you have to maintain insurance on the car. You can do the following: Cancel the registration and insurance.
Sep 1, 2018 Riverview, FL
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