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Laws regarding storing a car in Nevada?

There's a couple of things to think about here. Liability laws: In Nevada, just like most states, if the vehicle is registered, you need to have insurance on the vehicle.


Where can I store my vehicle is I don't have a driveway

New York is very strict with their registration process so this can be a tricky situation. The best idea I have is find a friend that has a garage or place to store it.

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Do I have to pay insurance if I don't drive?

Because you will no longer be driving the vehicle and turning in the registration tags, you do not need to keep it insured. I recommend keeping the vehicle in a locked and secured garage or storage unit.

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Can I pause my insurance while I'm away for work?

If your vehicle registration isn't up for renewal soon, you might be able to put the vehicle into "storage protection." What this means is the vehicle is not legally allowed on the road, but will still maintain comprehensive coverage in order to protect the vehicle from theft and weather damage. This will also help reduce your premium without having to cancel your insurance or registration.

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Insurance when car is parked for 6 months

For the state of Florida, you will have to maintain the liability limit (10/20/10) if the vehicle has plates. You can compare rates for Florida's state minimum here.


If I am storing my vehicle and canceling my insurance policy, will I have to turn my plates back into the state?

If your insurance policy will not include liability coverage, then it's likely that New Jersey will expect you to return the plates and registration. You may have the option to suspend your registration until you return, but you will need to contact your local MVC for specific details on your options.

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Do I need storage coverage for my vehicle if it isn't running?

In Minnesota, if the vehicle is inoperable then you don't have to carry insurance. Storage insurance would provide physical damage coverage so your vehicle is protected while it is being stored, but it does not provide coverage to drive on the road which wouldn't make you legally compliant anyway.

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How can I get a lower rate if my vehicle is stored while on deployment?

Every ticket and accident you've had within 3 years is going to affect your rate, so there isn't much that can be done about that. Luckily, California auto insurance rates are partially based on the number of miles you drive per year so you may want to re-evaluate the mileage listed on your policy and also when you shop around.

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Do I have to keep insurance on my car in Pennsylvania while it is in storage?

If the vehicle isn't being driven then technically you do not have to insure it. The state of Pennsylvania may suspend the registration of the vehicle when they realize that it is no longer insured so you should probably contact your local registration office to cancel your tag.

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Does a vehicle need car insurance if its in storage in Virginia?

In Virginia, if a vehicle is not registered, parked on private property, and not being driven then it does not have to be insured. Virginia law requires that a vehicle be insured before it is registered, so that's something to keep in mind if he wanted to drive this particular car at a later time.
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