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Am I at fault if I swerve to avoid my neighbor's cat but hit his car?

In this instance, you will likely be held liable for the accident. Although you want to use your best judgment when it comes to avoiding an animal, in most cases, if an accident/collision occurs by you trying to avoid hitting an animal, you are responsible for the damages.

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If I swerved to avoid an accident and file a claim for the damage, will my insurance go up?

You should be able to request a copy of the report from the highway patrol since they should have a record of it. As for filing a claim, that decision will be completely up to you, but you will likely be charged for an at fault accident since no other vehicle was involved.

Coverage & Claims

Why am I at fault if I swerved to miss a car that ran me off the road?

In most single-vehicle accidents, the driver involved is normally considered at-fault because there simply isn't another person on which to place blame. The situation might have very well gone in your favor if the other driver had made contact with your vehicle, but it would be next to impossible to prove the other driver was the reason for the accident when no other vehicle is damaged.
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