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Why is my insurance $200 a month?

There are a few things to look at here. First, your at-fault accident.


What are the requirements for USAA?

USAA requires it's members to be active, retired or honorably separated officers of the US military. If you're not directly affiliated with the military, you can qualify if you're a spouse, parent (step-parent, or legal guardian) or parent-in-law.

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Got into a natural cause car accident

The term "natural car accident" doesn't really exist in the world of car insurance. The accident you are referring to would be considered a collision and thus covered through your collision coverage, if you have it.

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Do I have to add my son to my policy?

For the most part, insurance companies consider your residence address as the place you spend the majority of your time at. So, because your son uses your home address as his base and lists it on his driver licenses  as well as uses your vehicle often, you should add him to your policy.


My daughter got into an accident using my vehicle, will my insurance pay for the damages she caused?

Normally the liability coverage on your policy should pay for damage caused to another driver, even if your daughter wasn't currently listed on your policy. However, some insurance companies require anyone who lives in the household be listed on the policy - either included or excluded in order for them to properly determine the risk.

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Whose insurance pays for an accident after running a stop sign?

Unfortunately stop signs in parking lots are not the same as stop signs on the street when it comes to determining fault. Parking lot accidents are often difficult to assign fault for insurance companies so they may ultimately decide to cover only their own customer's damage by saying the that fault was 50/50 between the drivers.


Can I get a short-term insurance policy for my car if I'm a US citizen living in Mexico but will be coming back to the US for a few weeks?

Most insurance policies run for 6-12 months and can be canceled at any time. Each company handles cancellations differently so I would recommend asking about their cancellation process before starting a policy to avoid any fees.

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Why did my insurance company pay another driver for half of his damage after an accident when the police said we were both at fault?

It is quite common for drivers to share fault in an accident. The amount your insurance is paying to the other driver is based on your percentage of fault in the accident.

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If my car is totaled in a flood, how much will my insurance company pay me for it?

Most insurance companies use NADA Guide to determine the market value of your vehicle at the time of a claim. In the case of a totaled vehicle, your payout is generally based on fair market value.


Can my insurance company prevent me from reactivating a policy due to a hurricane?

Normally insurance companies will not write new policies or reinstate policies when severe weather is imminent because of the high probability of a loss. However, that is usually reserved for counties that are expected to be hit by the severe weather, which shouldn't impact you based on your location.
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