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General Insurance

Can I insure two vehicles with the damage coverage under one policy?

There is no problem having both of your cars on one policy. In fact, most companies will give you a multi-car discount. We can quote you with several carriers at

General Insurance

Can I pay for all my insurance policies at once?

Each policy would be separate. They would take out a different payment for each policy.

General Insurance

When can I remove my son from my car insurance policy?

The best option in this situation would be to exclude both of your sons from the policy. By excluding them, they will no longer be covered to drive your vehicles and should not impact your rates any longer.

Coverage & Claims

Can I insure a vehicle that I don't own?

Great question! You are correct that you will need a separate policy from your mom since you don't live together. As far as insuring the vehicle under your name, you shouldn't have a problem doing so.

Car Insurance Costs

28yo new driver needs liability insurance

Having prior insurance as a rating factor tells the insurance a few things. One, will you be able to maintain a policy?

Car Insurance Costs

Car insurance for vehicle stored in garage

There's a couple of things to think about here. First, there really isn't anything called storage coverage.

Coverage & Claims

Will my insurance cover damage to someone else's vehicle

I'm sorry to hear that happened. I would feel awful as well.

Car Insurance Costs

I would like car insurance for around 40 to 60 per month

Although lots of car insurance companies advertise "name your price tools," it doesn't really work that way. Your car insurance quote is based on a driving profile made of driving and non-driving factors.

Car Insurance Costs

Does being 50% or 80% at fault make a difference when it comes to insurance rates?

There are several things to think about here. First and foremost, no - the percentage that you were at fault will not make a difference in how your insurance rates are impacted.

Coverage & Claims

Who pays for damage I caused while using a company vehicle on company time

Unfortunately, fault can only be determined by claims adjuster personally assigned to the accident. However, for the other part of your question, because you were driving your company's vehicle on company time, if you were to be found at-fault then the company's insurance would take cover the damages.
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