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Do I get to claim on financial loss on a brand new vehicle?

There's a couple things to think here. First, although you have comprehensive coverage, this wouldn't apply to this situation because another vehicle caused the accident.

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Risk of assets for separate car insurance policy

Although you have separate car insurance policies, your mutual assets would still be at risk because you are married. Your husband's car insurance would be the one to pay for the damages but if the damages exceed his policy limits for liability then your husband would be responsible for the remaining damages.

Car Insurance Costs

Husband backed into a pole in his work's parking lot how to handle insurance

There are a few different factors to consider. First, most insurance companies require you to report any incident that occurs with the car, even if a claim is not filed.

Car Insurance Costs
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My son does not have insurance and has had an accident

This can be tricky because it will depend on how your policy is written. I would look at the details of your car insurance policy and see if "permissive users" and "permitted drivers" are covered.

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Getting a car insurance quote for 2 addresses

If you have two addresses you would need to list the address where the car is kept most of the time. This is called the garaging address.

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Need insurance for when I drive other people's car

If you do not currently own a car and also do not have a car that you regularly drive you can purchase a Non-Owner / Operators policy. This will cover damages and injuries that you cause and are responsible for in the event of an accident.

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When do I have to pay my deductible

Simply put, no. Your deductible only applies to your car through your collision and comprehensive coverage.

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Parked car hit by a fedex truck

This can depend. Usually, the moving vehicle is found at-fault for damage caused by a stationary vehicle, as you're required to be in control of your vehicle at all times.

Car Insurance Costs

My musical equipment stolen from friend's house covered by insurance

This can be tricky. From my experience, most home insurance policies will cover stolen property even if it's not the property of the named insured (your friend) but I would consult their policy declarations page to be sure.

Car Insurance Costs
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Why does a not-at-fault accident affect my insurance?

Most people understand that if they were at-fault in a car crash then they will likely see an increase in their rates. Unfortunately, not-at-fault accidents can also affect the rate that you pay for car insurance.
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