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Car Insurance Costs

What do I put in a quote if I don't have a credit history

Not having a credit history doesn't mean you have bad credit but it will take time to build credit. I suggest speaking directly with an agent and see what they suggest as it could be company specific.


Does USAA membership extend to grandchildren

From my knowledge, your parent's would also have to be members in order for you to qualify. But, as I'm not an agent for USAA, I would call them and speak to an insurance agent directly.

Coverage & Claims

Does car insurance cost less for a financed or owned car?

To my knowledge, no car insurance companies use ownership of the insured vehicle as a rating factor. The only way your premium would be impacted by having car loan is if the bank or dealership requires you carry additional coverage you wouldn't carry yourself for a vehicle you own.

Coverage & Claims

At-fault accident when I don't have insurance

Sorry to hear about your accident. Their insurance will likely try to verify you have no plan so they can pay their insured client under uninsured motorist coverage if they have it.

Coverage & Claims

Should I drop full coverage on my truck?

That's always a tough decision for a car owner, but really it is up to you. A general rule of thumb in the world of insurance is if the vehicle is worth less than $4,000, you probably don't need physical coverage (aka, "full coverage" which is comprehensive and collision coverage).

Coverage & Claims

I gave someone the wrong insurance information after an accident

Travel insurance is really only designed to reimburse you the unused value of your trip plus pays the cost of one-way airfare up to the plan's limit. So, that wouldn't apply in a car accident.

Coverage & Claims

Will my insurance go up for a claim where i was not a fault

This can be a tricky one. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, which isn't required in Texas, you could file an property damage claim.

General Insurance

Does Farmers allow exclusions?

While I do not work for Farmers, it has been my experience that they do allow exclusions. Usually, you will need to call your agent or a customer service representation at their call sent and request an exclusion form.

Driving History

Driving record transfer from state to state

Most companies will only run the current MVR so in your case Texas would be pulled and the Illinois ticket will not show up. The issue would be if the underwriters pull the Illinois records and see the ticket they will add it to your policy after you have bound it.

Coverage & Claims

At-fault driver gave me the wrong information

I would contact the police with what info you have. If you have the plate they should be able to locate the owner and either pull his insurance info or track them down to get it again.
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