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Should I file a claim on my mom's car insurance policy?

Because the damage is minor, it's probably best not to involve your mom's car insurance company. I would recommend having the at-fault party get an estimate for the damage (which they would have to do anyway) and pay for the damage out of pocket.

General Insurance

Why do certain jobs pay less for car insurance?

The discount you are referring to is known as an "Affinity" or "Membership" Discount. Basically, insurance companies use historical data to prove that certain occupations equate to less risky drivers.

Coverage & Claims
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Is accident forgiveness a good idea for me?

You might be a good contender for this policy option. Most lease contracts will require you to keep the vehicle in good condition.

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Can my insurance agent list me as single even if I'm married?

No. You should be able to be listed as married and just have your wife listed as an excluded driver on your policy.

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Is this insurance fraud?

Yes, that is fraud. An insurance company needs to know what kind of risk it is being exposed to in order to accurately price the policy.

Coverage & Claims

How do I prove my car was stolen?

Your proof of a stolen vehicle is the police report. You will need to call the police, if you haven't already, and report the vehicle as stolen.

Coverage & Claims

Is this a collision of uninsured motorist claim?

Uninsured motorist property damage coverage and collision coverage are designed to do similar things - add physical protection to your vehicle. The tricky thing is how these claims would affect your rate.


Why was my license suspended for no insurance if it wasn't my car?

If you have your own insurance and can prove it, you might be able to get the suspension dismissed. Every vehicle is required to have insured if it is going to be driven, by law.

Coverage & Claims

Can a innocent driver be called at fault even when they are innocent?

When a court makes a determination on fault in an accident an insurance company would have no other choice whether or not they honor the claim. If you believe something isn't right I highly recommend seeking legal help.

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Can my parent's drop me from their policy?

There are a couple things to think about here. First, your parent's insurance won't be affected until the next renewal.
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