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Can I get my scooter covered through The Zebra?

We can certainly help you get your scooter insured. Give one of our licensed agents a call at 888-444-8949 to go over quotes and find the right fit.

Compare auto insurance rates and save up to $670 per year!

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Will my credit be run and/or impacted if I get insurance quotes from The Zebra?

Your credit is not run when you're in the shopping-around-stage for insurance quotes. It's only when you finalize your policy that your new insurer will run a soft credit check.

General Insurance

If I purchase a policy through The Zebra, am I able to get covered the same day?

Yes, we are able to start a policy with an insurance carrier for you right away. Coverage would take effect immediately.

General Insurance

Does The Zebra use a hard or soft credit pull to compare insurance quotes?

Thank you for this question. The Zebra does not do a soft or hard pull of your credit.

Insurance Companies

Can I buy auto insurance through The Zebra completely online?

Yes, many of the insurance companies allow you to purchase and bind your policy entirely through their online experience. The purchasing process typically happens after you compare and make a selection on

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Does The Zebra offer quotes in every state?

Our website is live in all 50 states and designed to help shoppers save time by showing multiple options regardless of state to point them to their best option. We also have an in-house agency that is live in 9 states and we are constantly expanding our footprint to provide more options for people in more states.

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Why does a company like The Zebra exist?

Yes you can get quotes with any company that you want on your own but doing that takes time. About 10 minutes with each company.

Insurance Companies

How does The Zebra get their rates?

The Zebra has directly partnered and integrated with many of the nation’s top insurance carriers. In some cases, we also use the carrier’s preferred comparative rating technology partner or proprietary and publicly filed information to determine product features or pricing information.

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Why is your company called The Zebra?

Our motto at The Zebra is "Insurance in black and white". The basic contrast of the stripes on a zebra gave us our inspiration to simplify and improve the process of shopping for car insurance while providing a user friendly platform to navigate the process.
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