Homeowners Insurance

My roof has developed an issue over this past winter. Is this covered?

Sorry to hear about the issue. Hopefully, you can get it fixed quickly.

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Coverage & Claims

Car insurance if I only drive part of the year

You have a couple of options here. If you own the vehicle outright, meaning you don't have a loan on the vehicle or aren't leasing it, you can drop your coverage for the period you are not driving.

General Insurance

Insurance when car is parked for 6 months

For the state of Florida, you will have to maintain the liability limit (10/20/10) if the vehicle has plates. You can compare rates for Florida's state minimum here.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance denying coverage for burst pipe

I recommend looking through your policy documentation and see if there are any stipulations regarding your responsibility during winter months. Some require you have your home above 60 degrees to prevent damage to your pipes or keep the faucets dripping as to prevent the pipes from bursting.
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