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Coverage & Claims

Daughter needs SR22 but doesn't have a car

She needs a non-owners policy. Basically, this policy allows your daughter to show proof of insurance without owning a vehicle.


My ins co gave me an accident free discount when I've had an accident

It might depend on what your new company is referring to as an "accident" and what you consider to be an accident. For example, your insurance company might not consider not at-fault accidents when they created this discount.

Coverage & Claims

If my son was involved in an accident while driving my car, do I file a claim with his insurance company or mine?

Fault is actually determined by the insurance company based on the specifics of the crash. Auto insurance coverage generally follows the vehicle, but if you don't actually insure the car then he would need to file a claim with his insurance provider.

Coverage & Claims

If I am at fault in an accident, what is to keep my passengers from suing me for their injuries?

It's important to keep in mind that medical payments coverage pays for your injuries as well. In addition, what if your passengers are your children or family members?

Car Insurance Costs

Should I keep full coverage on my vehicle or switch to liability?

The first thing I would do would be to determine a rough estimate of the value of the vehicle. I recommend using NADA guides or some other valuation service like Kelly Blue Book.

Coverage & Claims

In Wisconsin, is fault determined by insurance status or details of the accident?

Insurance status has no bearing on fault after an accident. In most rear-end accidents, the driver that hits the person in front of them is considered "at-fault".

General Insurance

Who pays liability when you are hit by someone driving a rental car?

Technically, the damage should be paid through the policy providing liability coverage on the vehicle of the at fault party. This will all depend on the details of the rental policy agreement.

General Insurance

If I'm not considered at fault in an accident but my insurance lapsed, will my injuries still be covered?

If the other driver is 100% at fault then your insurance status should have no bearing on fault or you being covered by their insurance policy. I would recommend contacting the other driver's insurance company to start the claims process.

General Insurance

Do I need car insurance in Wisconsin if I'm not driving?

In Wisconsin, you aren't required to insure a vehicle until you put it on the road. There would be no need to take out a policy until the vehicle is registered and ready to be driven.

Coverage & Claims

How long does the person I was in an accident with have to file a claim?

Unfortunately there isn't a specified time frame for that other driver to file a claim. Your insurance company is there to protect you from fraud, among other things.
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