Tiny house insurance needed

I'm working for a company that designs, builds, and rents out tiny homes through AirBnB. We are interested in finding insurance that will cover the home, its contents, and, ideally, the land it sits on in the case of damages caused by weather events, plumbing issue, guest damage, etc. What is out there in terms of tiny house insurance?

Jun 28, 2018 Colorado Springs, CO

Taylor Covington

Jun 28, 2018

For all their homeowners, Airbnb provides Host Protection coverage that protect the contents of the house from guest damages. You will also need to get regular homeowners insurance in addition to what Airbnb covers. This will protect the structure and land that the home is on. Make sure to disclose when you start the policy that you will be renting it out for an Airbnb because the insurance company may need to add special coverage for you.

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