Totaled my car after hitting a dog

I was driving a few months back and hit a golden retriever dog. Sadly the dog died but the damage to front end was pretty extensive. I should have called my ins office then about the dog and car, reported. I got busy forgot and now here we are. Can I still file a claim?

May 12, 2018 New River, AZ

Ava Lynch

May 12, 2018

I'm sorry to hear about the dog. There's a couple of things to look at here. In order to get this covered, you need to have comprehensive coverage. The only silver lining to this is these claims tend to be rated as not-at-fault accidents by insurance companies. Now, in terms of the statute of limitations for filing a claim. In the state of Arizona, you can file a claim up to two years. However, I would try to get this sorted as soon as possible. From my experience, the longer you wait to file a claim, the longer it can take to get fixed. If you'd like some more information on the claims process, see our page on claims and the filing process. Best of luck!

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