I have two not at-fault accidents

I have 1 and potentially another big claim on my insurance record, but they are both not at-fault. Last December I was rear-ended at a light and my car was totaled. Geico got State Farm (the other driver's insurance) to reimburse me for my deductible. Got a new car recently and last week someone ran a light and hit me. Driver was ticketed and provided me with their insurance information. I was told t take photos and send them to them and they'll get an estimate from the photos and cut me a check for my repairs. Should I go through my insurance for this? I'm concerned about a low-ball estimate.

Mar 3, 2018 Summerfield, Florida

Ava Lynch

Mar 3, 2018

Because this is another driver's fault, you would be handling the claim through their claims department. I recommend getting an estimate from a shop you trust and have read reviews for in order to compare the estimates. If, however, you're still worried about the validity of the estimate, you can contact your insurance company's claims department and ask for help negotiating. Other than that, however, you're going to be dealing with the other driver's insurance company. See our guide to claims for information on how to fill out a claim.

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