My girlfriend's insurance company’s underwriting department is threatening to cancel her policy. What can she do?

My girlfriend just recently purchased a new auto insurance policy from Progressive. I was on the old policy but she kept me off the new policy. We used to have Liberty Mutual but she switched to Progressive to save money. The vehicle is registered and leased by her and now Progressive is trying to cancel our policy because she didn't notify them that we live together. We didn't think we had to because we are not married and the vehicle is leased and registered to her. She drives to work and I walk to work because I'm within walking distance from my job, and I don't own a vehicle. I have a poor driving record so we figured we would keep me off this policy since I don't even drive it. What do we do if Progressive cancels our policy?

Jan 19, 2021 Glen Falls, NY

Renata Balasco

Jan 19, 2021

Most companies will allow you to do what is called an exclusion. She would need to call Progressive and tell them to formally remove you as a driver and sign off on that. They will likely be able to work that out and remove the cancellation on the policy. If they will not allow that she may need to search out a new company.

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