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My uninsured van was totaled by a driver with coverage

My uninsured van was hit and totaled by my neighbor and he has full coverage. What happens when the adjuster comes? Will it matter if I didn’t have insurance. Can I get a rental?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

Your insurance status doesn’t impact your ability to have your vehicle repaired or be reimbursed. In this case, your neighbor having “full coverage” wouldn’t matter because that typically covers damages to their vehicle (through comprehensive and collision) rather than their liability which would help you, in this scenario. In terms of getting a rental, you would need to contact the at-fault drivers insurance and request a rental car. You might have some issues, however, if you don’t have insurance at all. As, usually, your personal auto policy would extend to the rental vehicle. If you have insurance, but just not insurance on the vehicle that was totaled, you would need to provide an insurance card. If you don’t, you would need to buy rental coverage from whoever is providing the rental car. Best of luck.

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