Should I use a local agent or shop directly with an insurance company to buy my policy?

I'm new to the insurance world and see lots of options on tv and online. Which one is best for me?

May 2, 2016 Tampa, FL

Neil Richardson

May 2, 2016

We live in a time where the world is made smaller by technology but that doesn't always mean that using that technology is the best route to go. You can purchase insurance online, but you may not understand differences in coverage or insurance jargon listed on the site. You can even call these companies and speak to an agent but that still may not be right for you if you are a visual learner and don't understand the explanations over the phone. A local agent offers you the option to sit down and go over, step by step, what your options may be and the cost associated with making changes to coverage. Since everyone's needs are different it is up to you to determine your level of understanding and whether you value the convenience of shopping online over meeting with a local agent at their office.

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