My vehicle was totaled and I'm five hours away from home

Someone hit my car and I'm stuck 5 hours away? Car stuck 5 hours away with lots of damage. What do I do? I was sitting at a light and got rear ended. The policed cited the other driver as at fault. I'm stuck five hours away from home and my car has a lot of damage. Should I contact my insurance? I try the other ladies insurance but closed on the weekend. What will happen to my car 5 hours away. What are my next steps? I'm from GA and the accident was in AL.

Aug 15, 2018 Lawrenceville, GA

Ava Lynch

Aug 15, 2018

I'm sorry to hear you were hit and are stuck. You were right to contact the other driver's insurance company. I would follow up with them as soon as possible. You will also want to call your insurance and report the incident. Here is more information as to what you can expect when filing a claim. As, far as being stuck in five hours away, you can use roadside assistance if available. Check your policy to see if you have this coverage. You may also have roadside assistance through another company like AAA. If you do not have the roadside assistance you will either pay out of pocket to have the car towed or wait until you are able to get in touch with the other driver's insurance. Once you are able to contact the other driver's insurance you can discuss reimbursement for the tow of your car. That is considered part of the damages and cost of repairs. Good luck and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask. Here is another article directly relating to your situation. I hope it is helpful.

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