Was I right to file a claim with my insurance when I was not at fault? Will my premiums go up?

I was in an auto accident with video evidence that I was not at fault. The damage to my vehicle was significant but repairable. The other party asked to pay out of pocket, but given the extent of the damage, I felt safer filing a claim. The other party told me I was being stupid, as the claim would raise my premiums as well. Now I am second guessing getting my insurance involved. Did I do the right thing by filing a claim? Will my premiums go up as well even though it is clear I was not at fault?

Sep 16, 2019 Henderson, NV

Kristine Lee

Sep 16, 2019

Sorry to hear about the accident. I do think you made the right decision in filing a claim for your damages. However, it can cause complications on how your record will get marked until the claim is settled.

What your own insurance will likely do is try to get him and his insurance pay for your vehicle's damages. In this case, the claim will just fall off as zero paid and won't reflect on you negatively. If you are required to pay a deductible you could be considered at-fault in the interim until they can recoup the funds from the third party that caused the damages via subrogation. This can take a while. I would call your claims rep and make sure in no way the claim would affect your rates. They should work with you and give the best advice in this circumstance.

In Nevada, not-at-fault accidents raised rates by about 11% or $220 per year.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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