I wasn't allowed to use my digital insurance card as proof

The police officer and the courthouse would not accept digital proof of insurance even though in my state, its supposed to be accepted. So, I had never been pulled over before, so it took me a minute to find my digital insurance card, but the officer saw it, and cited me anyway, stating that if i showed it to the people at the courthouse, they'd waive the fine. They did not, and said that digital proof is not proof in Oregon, which has me begging the question, why am i issued them if using them is actually detrimental to me and my record? is that weird to you, too?

Mar 5, 2018 Vernonia, Oregon

Ava Lynch

Mar 5, 2018

As long as the insurance was active at the time you were cited the digital copy should be taken. Oregon is one of the states that accept digital insurance cards per Oregon Law. One of two things is happening. Either the officer and the clerk to whom this person would have shown proof to have the ticket waived messed up, in which case he would need to contact an attorney or file a dispute with the court on the grounds that you were compliant. The second would be that the insurance was not valid at the time of the ticket, which you can verify with your insurance company to be sure.

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